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Baltic amber

Baltic amber - this is one of the most beautiful natural treasures. Began to take shape before the approximately 50 million years ago, the Baltic amber is ground changes witness. It trapped insects and plant residues (amber inclusions) speaks of a pre life on earth. Just imagine that a small small bug, mired branches, is millions of years old!

Amber come in different shades, shapes, transparent and opaque, with inclusions and without them. Baltic Sea coasts fossil resin found in six species, but scientists real-time amber succinit derived from ancient Pinus succinifera Conwentz pine resin. Succinite the world is found in the Baltic Sea coast, and is also known as Baltic amber. About 80 percent of the world consists of amber, Baltic amber. Although various fossil resin found in different parts of the world (Japan, North and South America, Africa and elsewhere) than their value, than is found in comparable quantity of Baltic amber. The largest amber deposits are present in the Kaliningrad region.

Until the discovery of large deposits of amber, amber individual pieces were collected by hand. Sea coasts Paleolithic or Neolithic people were able to find a fairly large pieces of amber, they have produced a variety of amber articles. Amber lumps found already in the Old Stone Age camps. Now, however, find the sea washed Amber coast is quite difficult. Therefore, amber is mined industrially.

The most important chemical characteristics which determine whether the fossilized resin is actually amber - succinic acid (succinate). These fossilized amber acid can be from 3 to 8 percent. Succinic acid, which is produced in small quantities in the human body, have excellent healing properties. This biostimulant positively acting on the respiratory organs, heart and kidneys, stimulates the nervous system, lowering blood sugar. Succinate for preparations can be used to treat anemia, radiculitis, cardiovascular, stomach, bladder inflammation, bronchitis.

Along with succinic acid, succinic melting emits amber oil, which is a natural antiseptic, perfect for various skin diseases. It regenerates, nourishes, tightens the skin, is used in aromatherapy, placed in sera.

Interestingly, about the healing properties of amber even Hippocrates wrote. How to cure a variety of diseases amber used in ancient Rome, Persia, China, and Japan. Amber was a popular means of healing in medieval medicine. Even in the nineteenth century sources, the use of Latin terms Balsamum succini (amber balsam), Extractum succini (amber extract), Oleum succini (amber oil). And the twentieth century. the beginning of the amber was used for various diseases.

Apparently, because of all the positive features of the Baltic amber has been regarded as a very valuable and quality. He even called Nordic gold, instead of money, for a time was the most important exchange trade. Amber was very expensive, and it was rated even rulers (Amber beads found in Egyptian tombs of the Pharaohs).

Understanding the value of amber, all countries wanted to buy Baltic amber. This has given rise to intermediaries - amber merchants developed trade routes, and Baltic amber traveled to distant countries. Archaeological findings show that amber from the North Sea and Baltic Sea coast already thousands of years ago by waterway (the Vistula, the Dnieper) was transported to Italy, Greece, the Black Sea, Egypt, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.

Trade was carried out in the Amber Road, which is traced from archaeological finds. Amber Road led from Europe to Asia (and back) and from North Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. The most active amber trade was carried out in ancient Greece and Rome. Clear pink and golden amber was the most valuable. The lowest evaluated opaque amber-colored wax, used only to burn incense.

So Amber people valued for thousands of years. He aroused people's imagination, encouraged to develop a range of amber appearance of stories that became legends and myths. The golden, reddish amber color reminded the sun, so the amber screen with the solar cult. Found on the shores of the Baltic amber turn into exceptional objects: he was made of amber jewelry, ceremonial objects, amulets. It was believed that amber protects, preserves. This is reflected in the word "amber" structure ("protect" + "to say"). The importance of amber Lithuania testifies popular names Amber, Amber. There is also an English version of the name Amber.

Although found in the Baltic Sea coasts, Amber had an impact on the different nations and cultures. Solar flash resembling a fossilized resin droplets traveled from hand to hand until you would find a new home away from the Baltic Sea coast. And today, people around the world can enjoy the Baltic amber, their necks adorned with amber necklaces, hands - amber bracelet, fingers - amber rings. Amber necklace hung even children. This indicates that the amber maintains its value.

Amber goods

Baltic amber - a versatile raw material for the manufacture of jewelry, suitable for most people. On the stylishness and the uniqueness of amber products is loved not only Lithuanian - they prefer to buy from abroad.

Some jewelry with amber has turned into a classic example., Amber or amber necklace necklaces. They perfectly match the amber bracelets that can be worn both women and men. Originally is viewed on amber jewelry: silver with amber, gold with amber. Uniqueness lovers produced piece pendant with amber inclusions. Silver brooch with amber would like women who love small but bright accessories. Inserted in any clothes, amber brooch perfectly suited to earrings, bracelets. It is also consistent Amber pendants and amber earrings, gold, silver rings with amber.

Amber jewelry is the perfect solution when you want to buy something for the aging, valuable. A sensible investment - amber jewelry set that will suit your beloved, mother, sister ... It can be worn all the time, and later transferred to the children, grandchildren. Amber jewelry set is made up of several interconnected matching items. The kits may comprise such products as amber necklaces, to adapt their amber earrings, amber bracelet. The kit may include amber brooches, amber rings. Instead Necklaces collections can be amber pendants.

But Amber is not only for women. For example, more and more popular children's amber necklace. Since ancient times believed that amber protects and helps prevent diseases. So amber teething necklace can be a great parent, grandparent gift. By the way, Amber can wear and men. They are made available free of simpler design men's amber necklaces, pendants, bracelets.

Amber is suitable for all zodiac signs. Therefore, Baltic amber jewelry delights multitude of people.

About us

We specialize in amber trade for more than two decades. With us cooperate reliable amber manufacturers, so our amber products are of the highest quality. Amber constantly participates in various exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, we are interested in market innovation. Amber XXL activity - not only retail, but wholesale amber trade. Amber exporting products to various countries of the world, among them - Canada, France, Japan, the United States.

Our online store sells a variety of amber products. Choosing a truly abundant: amber pendants, amber rings, men and women suitable for amber bracelets ... It is also sold in amber necklaces, earrings, ornate brooches, amber beads. Precious metal fans - amber jewelry.

Amber XXL - this Baltic amber jewelry for many people. We hope you find what you are looking for.

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