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Amber goods

Natural Baltic amber is a versatile raw material for the manufacture not only the various jewelry, but also in other articles. Amber is easy to process: it can gouge, carving, sanding, grinding, and so on. The amber produced powder, small pieces used in the production of paintings. And that's not all uses of amber.

For example, amber is used for purposes and church. Lithuanian churches amber was burn. This is not surprising, because amber kills bad breath, kills bacteria, and this is especially true in places of mass gathering. In addition, from amber stacked and amber rosary. Natural amber rosaries are durable, nice to touch them. Has always been known that the amber, positively acting on the nervous system, of the peace. Therefore amber pink helps to achieve peace, a believer can plunge into prayer.

Rosaries Amber is a great gift for those who are looking for calming down, taking care of spiritual things. Touching amber, we come not only to God but also to the nature, Lithuanian roots. Natural amber rosary symbol of Catholicism and the old white cultural synthesis, harmony.

Because of its versatility amber suitable for all cultures and religions, so Amber beads shop offers not only Christian, but also Muslim, Buddhist rosary. Amber rosary made of different colors (yellow, white, brown, green, and so on. T.) Amber, oval or full circular amber beads.

Amber has a variety of colors, can be made with and without inclusions, transparent and opaque, so it not only leads to a wide range of articles, but use cash. For example, the perfect gift is a unique amber nuggets - nature's own creations. A small amber nugget can carry with you as a talisman. The distinctive amber pieces are used as interior design, combined with other stones, sculptures made of amber glass and wood. Amber is easy to process, so special tools it can hollow out a variety of shapes, creating a unique thumbnails. Amber stones perfect instead of the usual, your lover gift. They can donate business partners - it will be a memorable gift.

For business partners, colleagues and relatives can donate amber figurines. Amber figurine - is the artists' imagination. Each higher natural amber piece stands out in some form, color. With the right tools, the artist Amber produces ships, carve out a wide range of animals: the elephant, a frog, a fish, a cat or an owl ... Amber figurines can be a birthday, and memorable gift. Various animal shaped amber figurines will delight both small and large. Amber souvenirs are also available in combination with metal Amber (Amber trees).

Amber wholesale and decorated with a wide range of business gifts: key holders, business card holders, envelope knives, lighters, pipes, spoons, ashtray, and so on. t. Produced even Amber chess. Various amber decorated items suitable to donate not only business partners, but also relatives: mother or sweetheart cheer amber decorated with mirrors, husband or dad like amber studs. Amber decorated with a clock or lamp will be a great home interior detail. Thus, the choice really big and adapted to different tastes

Amber jewelry and other articles can be given as gifts for any occasion, eg., The graduates, wishing to successfully pass the exams, the newlyweds to succeed marital life, improving maternal health, to prevent disease and her baby. Amber pictures and souvenirs decorate the house. Natural amber pink will find peace of mind. Amber is an integral part of Lithuanian, so, of course, perfect emigrated Lithuanians who want to remember their homeland or for tourists looking for original fairings. Baltic amber - a gift for those who appreciate the natural beauty and uniqueness.

  • Cult of amber

    Amber is processed for more than ten thousand years. In Lithuania, the oldest Baltic amber jewelry counts for five thousand years. As time is passing, methods of amber processing and value of that mineral are changing...

  • Amber: nature’s strength in your hands

    Amber found at the seashore of the Baltic sea is one of most valuable. It is a mineral formed during thousands of years out of fossil pine resin. Various jewelry is made out of it: amber rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings...

  • Amber jewelry for those who value naturalness

    Baltic amber is a mineral of a special kind. Now it makes over 80 % of all amber found in the world. It was admired already in the age of antiquity. Today, value of amber is still high...