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Amber teething necklace and amber bracelet

Natural Baltic amber has long been prized for its uniqueness. Ancient people respectfully watched the phenomenon, which could explain. And Amber, thrown to the sea shore, has been respected, is associated with the upper forces. Baltic Sea coastal residents gathered amber, it was used for sacred, ceremonial objects produce. Amber amulets, talismans had to be protected from evil spirits, to bring success.

Maximum protection needed for newborns, so amber was mounted above the cradle and the child grew, his neck was amber beads are placed. The basis of faith, apparently, lies in the healing properties of amber. Since ancient times it was believed that children's amber necklace facilitates germination of teeth, relieve abdominal pain, calms the baby. Nowadays, when it was discovered succinic acid, succinic curative properties became easier explained. It has been shown that the Baltic amber in amber acid positively affects the body, so amber products, including children's amber jewelry, but even more popular.

Today, newborns, babies amber necklace or amber bracelets are donated primarily for practical reasons. Knowing the positive succinic acid on a growing organism, parents or grandparents, as their ancestors did centuries before it gives amber jewelry, wishing the very best for the little ones. Therefore, children's necklace made of natural amber is symbolic, continuing the tradition of gift.

Natural amber teething necklace may also be given as gifts on the occasion of the christening. Amber necklace or bracelet from natural amber will be durable and practical godfathers gift. In addition, amber jewelry is very symbolic. On the one hand, amber gift gesture of the very best, it is a symbol of good will. On the other hand, amber is the symbol of Lithuanian, so baptism day Lithuanian children who donated amber establishes its identity.

Baby amber jewelry likes and the naturalness of security. Unique amber pieces carefully selected to exhibit in the best properties. Baby amber necklace from the shop offers a little rough or pearled flat, oval or oblong beads. Amber raw material does not contain harmful chemicals, so-allergenic, amber jewelry is safe. Small amber beads string them on a strong cord that their child would not be able to stop. Jewelry made little use of human hands touch lazy polished amber pieces, so that the articles are filled with naturalness, it combines the natural fabrics - linen, cotton, wool - clothes. Baby amber necklace can be multicolored and monochrome (honey, cherry, black amber and so on.), So it is perfect for different complexion for girls and boys.

Amber necklaces and bracelets can be a great gift for the older children. The girls, in order to be similar to the mothers, want to dress up. In this case the best for children amber jewelry. They are not only natural, beautiful to look at, but also useful for children's health. Therefore, if a child wants to finery best for him to donate children's necklace or a bracelet made of natural Baltic amber.

Amber bracelets for children - another popular piece of jewelry which fits perfectly into the beads. Unpolished and polished small pieces of amber, strung on silk cords, not only decorate the child's hand, but also will have health care effect. Baby amber bracelet are made by hand, the selection of a unique, high-quality amber pieces. Various color or monochrome natural amber bracelets will fit children and boys and girls.

Each amber that is unique, carefully made. The ornament becomes even more valuable when it is the gift of love. So whether as gifts amber necklace, amber bracelet, or the jewelry set, a gift will be long-lasting and meaningful. If you want to give your kids something natural, distinctive and valuable, choose the gift of nature - natural Baltic amber.

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