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Amber room mystery

Perhaps a rare person in your home does not have amber: amber necklace, amber bracelet and other amber jewelry decorated with a lot of people. Some of them return home sophisticated in amber articles, amber stone, amber pictures, amber figurines and other souvenirs. However, imagine that you have in your home much more amber. For example, all the amber room!

It can not be just a dream. Tsar Peter I th of these rooms not only had he prepared a banquet at it! Amber-room walls are decorated with gilded ornaments, a lot of mirrors, and the room floors were occasions as the Women nacre. Room-treasure has become the most popular amber art. It is not surprising that it was evil to the cause. It turns out, can be room ... steal. But what it all started?

it all started?

Of course, you must first idea. It was originally conceived to create the amber cabinet. The Cabinet was launched in Prussia in 1701, finished in 1709's. 1716 he went to Germany to the Russian empire: the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I th gave him his ally king Peter the Great, which is the work of art just fascinated. Then the amber cabinet decided to expand: it was used more amber panels, plenty of mirrors, gilded details. Thus was born the Amber Room. In 1755, he was transferred to the Czar's residence. 1770 Amber Room was finally finished and became a real treasure - amber panels weighed several hundred kilograms (some sources say that even several tons!). The room was set up in Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg. He became a sumptuous banquet hall, and he was not a courtier admiration.

Time passed, and the rulers died out, it's the end of monarchy, but the room has reached the mid-twentieth century. However, the Second World War, the country was invaded by the Nazis. The Russians tried to hide valuable room, and will cover the wall hangings. But the Nazis did not cheat and they dismantled the Amber Room - labor lasted 36 hours! Since the Amber Room was a gift of King of Prussia, the Nazis believed that it rightfully belongs to them. Room elements have been removed, the room - renovated and for some time exhibited Koenigsberg castle. But not for long. Soon, the Amber Room was once again shattered, its elements stacked in boxes and stacked castle cellars. 1944 Konigsberg was bombed, and after the war, no one found the Amber Room.

True, it is believed that the Nazis managed to leave the Amber Room of the castle and hide. One Nazi officer said he had seen the secret of the castle went even forty-loaded trucks traveling in the direction of Germany. Room attempted to find, but in vain.

There are many different theories as to what really could happen amber room. Here are some of them:

• Room could burn for a fire after the bombing Konigsberg.

• The Nazis hid at Konigsberg, and it is still there after the Konigsberg castle ruins.

• Room was transported from Koenigsberg and hidden in a concealed from the Nazis in Germany, Austria, Poland or the Czech Republic.

• After the war, the Allies found themselves hiding in occupied territory. Special American squad, ieškodavęs Nazis seized art treasures, found the room and it secretly transported to the US, where it fell into the hands of private collectors.

• The Nazis were able to secretly leave the room in South America, and it is the Nazis, who hid in the collapse of the Third Reich, the descendants of disposal.

• Room (boxes with amber panels) not burned, but in 1945 the Soviet administration was taken, later mistakenly went to Berlin, and then, depending on the value of amber panels were transferred to the United States as a reward for lendlizo services.

• 1944 room was buried in the Jutland peninsula area.

• Room burned in Konigsberg Castle fire, which, to destroy the castle as a symbol of Nazism, led the Red Army soldiers.

• Details of the room elements could steal the most German soldiers, while larger items may have been hidden.

For many years, the Amber Room has been considered lost - either through the Koenigsberg castle assault, or due to improper storage conditions. (Even before the abduction of the room in 1941, he was in poor condition, and restored it to think. No one restoration was taken in the past - the nineteenth, twentieth century.)

Recently, however, there are new data on the potential fate of the Amber Room. Recently reported that the amber room panels can be hidden in an underground bunker in Poland. It was found bricked up a secret room, where, it is believed, can be hidden in the famous treasure. This bunker in Poland - may be hiding, because at that time it was heavily protected place, an intermediate stop between Russia and Germany.

However, there is nothing to be seen. Even if the new version is confirmed, it is interesting that after so many years would be something left over from the Amber Room? The Russians, it seems, long ago gave up hope to the country and began to rebuild the Amber Room. Room duplicate it took more than twelve million dollars. Remediation work a number of funds offered in Germany. The work lasted for more than twenty years, but in the end has been completed, and now Catherine palace visitors can see his eyes looked like the famous Amber Room.

Amber articles diversity

For thousands of years people are happy in the Baltic Sea amber. In its wide range of manufactured products: amber jewelry, amber souvenirs, other amber articles. Eye attracts not only amber nuggets, assorted stones of amber and amber figurines, but also amber combination with different materials.

Natural Baltic amber is so versatile that it can be combined with both conventional as well as precious metals. Perhaps because of such articles focus primarily amber stone, its unique color, shape or machining method. Various metals - iron, brass, gold, silver - complements amber, highlighting its unique characteristics.

What metal will be combined with amber, amber depends on the color, shape and, of course, a jeweler's imagination. To create a contrast, sharpen the color of amber properties, the darker the color of amber can be combined with a light metal - iron or silver. When you want to achieve the unity of color, yellowish amber combined with gold and brass. Then, metal jewelry parts and amber merge into one unique compound. Different metals gives clasp still other properties. Precious metals are more durable, less alergizuoja, reacts with the environment. Products with conventional metals are less expensive but no less beautiful, they can be donated to children.

Amber can be combined perfectly with the skin. Amber and skin combinations - especially original. Fun look leather rings with amber. These products are intended for art, exclusivity, naturalness lovers. The skin, as well as amber, has a material suitable for almost everyone.

Another group of relatives - amber products with wood. Wood is a natural, durable material suitable for both masyviems articles, such as wood and amber sculptures and small ornaments, for example, earrings, rings, amber pendants, produce. Original articles can be produced in combination with amber glass. Perfect for your home interior detail could be a glass vase or candlestick, decorated with metal and amber.

No matter what the material is combined Amber, it always looks nice. Most importantly, the raw amber is genuine, good quality. Our store sells only natural, millennia counting Baltic amber.

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