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Amber: nature's strength in your hands

Amber found at the seashore of the Baltic sea is one of most valuable. It is a mineral formed during thousands of years out of fossil pine resin. Various jewelry is made out of it: amber rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Natural raw amber is valued not only due to its fabulous and alluring beauty. The other cause of popularity of this mineral is its usefulness. It positively influences body and mind. Our AmberXXL Company sells Baltic amber and its products already for 25 years. We invite you to admire beauty of this mineral and take care of your health as well.

Amber for body and spirit strengthening

Amber is well known over the world for more than ten thousand years. Already in the age of antiquity it was praised by philosophers and medical practitioners. Amber stones have been used for treatment of various health disorders since antiquity. Amber acid is especially healthy. Experience accumulated for centuries tells that natural raw amber helps reduce pain of joints and muscles. This mineral also helps to fight headache, abdominal and cardiac pains. Amber stones are suitable to treat respiratory diseases. If you are burdened by laryngeal, palatal or bronchial disorders, you better take interest in this mineral.

Natural raw amber is a nice remedy and strengthening agent in a case of visual or auditorial disorders. Amber stone suits well for treatment of various skin diseases. Actually, amber reinforces whole immune system. At the ancient times, it was considered that amber could protect from insanity. By the way, this natural gift is healthy for people of any age. Specifically, Baltic amber stone may help babies to mitigate pain caused by growing teeth or irritated stomach. For anxious babies of few months of age, it is recommended to put an amber necklace, whereas for babies from one year of age – to wear it constantly. Amber necklace will be not only an ornament, but also a source of good well-being. Since ancient times, not only pure natural raw amber is used for good health – amber is grinded into fine powder, out of which balsams, tinctures, and oils are made. Special tea and incenses are made from amber as well. Such variety enables to influence problematic body parts most efficient way.

Impact of such remedy is caused not only by naturalness or shape of amber – even colour of the mineral is important. This becomes even more important, when one seeks to positively impact not just one's body, but spirit as well. We offer amber of large variety, so you will easily find the mineral of colour you like. Natural raw amber can be nearly completely white. Such stones are suitable, when you aspire for inner tranquility or want to balance often changes of your moods. White amber is especially useful for those who are engaged in a public work, as well as for those, who are serious about their family and traditions. Yellow amber stones bring inner tranquility. They are suitable, if you deal a lot with others and hardly relax.

If you want to control your excessive energy, you better choose brown amber. It is very useful, when you need to balance emotions or cast out negative emotional load. Black amber stone will help, if you know what you want but it is difficult for you to concentrate on specific tasks. Thus, amber can influence various weak body and spirit points. When problems are ascertained, you just need to find a suitable form of such mineral.

Product of nature and a man

To experience the power confined in the mineral, not only pure natural raw amber can be used. Various amber products are suitable for this. For example, Baltic amber rings can be close to your body constantly and influence it positively. Thus, you will not need to look for amber stones kept in your handbag or pocket when needed. Amber rings are well suited for aesthetical function. Our Company offers various rings made of amber beads of different colour, size, and shape. Amber can be affixed to regular or precious metal (such as silver), as well as to other natural materials (such as special thread).

Amber rings suit well both for women and for men. It can be a nice and practical gift. In addition to this, amber rings can be easily matched to other amber products, such as brooches, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Such rings can be classical or modern. Also, you may order a unitary product, and this increases value of a ring you want to present to somebody. It is for a reason that amber rings are used as a friendship symbol – so sincere care for health and happiness of one's friends or relatives is revealed.

It is possible not only to order, but also make amber workpieces by yourselves. For this, you need various amber jewelry supplies. We, AmberXXL Company, offer tools suitable for jewelry production as well. Amber jewelry supplies are various: special clips of amber colour, workpieces of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or even rings. Our amber jewelry supplies are of very high quality. And it is easy to use them. With the clips, you will easily fill gaps between beads and affix a snap. You can easily find a necklace workpiece of the size, length, and thickness you need. Thus, with amber jewelry supplies you can easily and quickly create a unique amber workpiece.

Amber jewelry supplies suit well to amber beads offered by us. Amber trollbeads are especially popular over the world now. They are special in a way that they can be easily threaded on a thread or a metal chain. Amber trollbeads rarely are similar. In addition to this, they are universal: they can be used to produce bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings. Amber trollbeads we offer are made of amber raw material of dark or light colour, of single colour or containing various hues, transparent or opaque. Also, you may choose shape and size of amber trollbeads you like. That is, why they are well suited for production of unitary jewelry workpieces.

Amber jewelry supplies, beads, or other amber raw material is a good choice, if you are looking for a handcrafted gift. It is worth to take a look at our amber masters galleries. Here you will find large assortiment of jewelry for a woman or a man. You may choose a single article, or select a combination of them. Also, you can find Baltic amber inclusions and nice figures here. Amber and amber jewelry – simple and natural way to take care of your well-being, as well as well-being of your friends and relatives. And well-being causes beauty and happiness.

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  • Amber: nature’s strength in your hands

    Amber found at the seashore of the Baltic sea is one of most valuable. It is a mineral formed during thousands of years out of fossil pine resin. Various jewelry is made out of it: amber rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings...

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