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Amber jewelry for those who value naturalness

Baltic amber is a mineral of a special kind. Now it makes over 80 % of all amber found in the world. It was admired already in the age of antiquity. Today, value of amber is still high. Beauty of even unprocessed mineral may enthrall one. Jewelry made out of it delights people over the world. AmberXXL Company sells amber and amber products for 25 years, now it invites people in Canada, France, Japan, Germany, United States of America, Ireland, and other countries of the world to discover unique features of this mineral.

Unic ornament

Amber jewelry is used around the world. Formed during thousands of years, this mineral emanates sun's warmth, reminds a vacation at the seaside and delights by its naturalness. That's why it is so nice to wear and feel amber jewelry on the skin. Women are especially attracted by amber necklaces. And these are of big variety.

Even classic Baltic amber necklaces vary in their form. Such products suit well both for gala and everyday dress. Depending on the occasion and individual style of a woman, regular round Baltic amber necklaces or Baltic amber chip necklaces may be chosen. Such jewelry can elegantly nestle against the neck or can freely swing following the movements of a woman. Traditional Baltic amber necklaces can consist of large or small beads threaded on a special workpiece or on a light string. Minerals can be threaded separately, or in pairs, triplets, etc., or affixed to other natural materials, such as leather or wood.

For individuality lovers, unitary Baltic amber necklaces can impose great impression. A woman wearing such jewelry can be sure that she will never see something similar, since it is a unique piece of art representing ideas of an amber jeweller, as well as ideas of customers. Baltic amber necklaces can be made out of processed or unprocessed mineral. Beautiful inclusions of ancient insects or plants especially suit for such kind of amber jewelry.

AmberXXL Company also offers amber bracelets, which matches well necklaces or can be worn separately. Classic Baltic amber bracelets can be made of very small, of elegant, or of large attractive threaded amber beads. By the way, such jewelry is willingly chosen not only by woman, but by men as well. More massive products are offered to them. For a man who values style, dark traditional Baltic amber bracelets suit best.

Bracelets are offen composed not only of amber beads, but also of wood or leather fragments. Unprocessed Baltic amber chip bracelets look sharp. Baltic amber regular round bracelets also might be chosen from assortment of AmberXXL Company. Like necklaces, they are formed out of amber beads of different colour and form. Amber bracelets look especially elegant when formed out of different strands and colours. Such products are ideal when there is a wish to accent beauty of hands.

Women and girls are also fond of amber earrings. At night, when women can best reveal their elegancy and grace, amber earrings are simply irreplaceable. Long, massive, freely swinging earrings suit best for this. At day, more subtle smaller earrings make it easy to dress both for work and leisure. In any case, amber earrings will help to reveal your natural feminine charm.

As for bracelets or necklaces, usual metal or silver is used to make earrings. Beads can be oval-, drop- or cylinder-shaped. Amber earrings can be made of amber beads of different form, size and colour. Due to large variety, it is easy to choose your own classical, modern or even unitary Baltic amber earrings. They match well to other amber jewelry or jewelry made of other natural materials, such as metal, leather, wood, or clay. Thus, amber earrings is a stylish and practical gift for anyone who values naturalness – a lover, mother, sister, or girlfriend.

AmberXXL Company offers special amber products – amber rosaries suitable for followers of Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism. Muslim amber rosaries are also known as masbaha. Baltic amber rosaries are made of beads of different diameter. In addition to this, Baltic amber rosaries can be of different length and can be made of 33, 66, 99, or 108 amber beads. Specific amber rosaries are made of beads of various size and colour. Natural Baltic amber rosaries are popular in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Sudan, Turkey, Greece, and other countries.

Nice and healthy

Baltic amber is valued not only due to its exceptional beauty and naturalness amber jewelry and amber rosaries are made for. Not everybody knows that this natural mineral has its own remedial function. Amber acid is especially valued. Since the ancient times, amber and amber products have been used for treatment of respiratory (laryngeal, bronchial, palatal), cardiac, and thyroidal diseases, skin diseases, as well as for immune system reinforcement. Amber also had been used for painful rheumatism treatment, as well as for relieving of muscle pains. It is supposed that this gift of nature strengthens vision and audition. It was considered that amber could protect even from insanity.

Special powder, tinctures, incenses, oils, balsams and even tea can be made of this natural mineral. There is no doubt that health may be influenced by jewelry used – Baltic amber earrings, necklaces and bracelets are specially valued due to their positive influence to organism. Such jewelry is recommended to the people of any age. It is said that amber helps to retain youth and energy. Amber products help to overcome stress and fear, thus wearing of such ornaments is useful not only for a woman.

Amber is helpful even for babies. Amber bracelets and amber necklaces may help when baby suffers pain caused by growing teeth. Amber necklaces are also recommended when baby is often troubled by abdominal or gastric pains. Warmth and energy emanating from the mineral will help to suppress baby's anxiety. Various infections shall be avoided by kids, so antiseptic influence of amber also helps here – formerly this mineral was used to incense hospital rooms. Baltic amber bracelets and necklaces can be a nice gift for baby birth, christening or birthday occasion.

Thus, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry made of natural Baltic amber not only increases beauty, but strengthens health as well. Such jewelry represents our country and is original and valuable gift to foreign people. Natural amber earrings and other products sold by AmberXXL Company surely will delight people of any age or nationality. Who will not be happy feeling in her or his hands a piece of scorching sun that gives life to us and nourishes it?

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    Baltic amber is a mineral of a special kind. Now it makes over 80 % of all amber found in the world. It was admired already in the age of antiquity. Today, value of amber is still high...