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Amber for baby’s natural health care

Unique amber features have been discussed for thousands years. Hippocrates, renowned father of ancient Greek medicine, has mentioned the healing power of this mineral, as well as Avicenna, authority of medieval Arabic medicine. Thus, there is no wonder that amber jewelry is incredibly popular today, too. It is natural and elegant way to take care of baby’s health.

Beneficial for children

Amber necklaces and other amber jewelry positively affects various organs of our body. Since ancient times, it was believed that amber could protect from the negative energy. Such mineral obtained at the Baltic Sea has been especially valued. In order to protect a newborn child, our elders used to put an amber necklace on his neck or to keep scattered pieces of amber nearby, for example, under the baby’s cradle.

It is not difficult to explain such old tradition. Actually, the Baltic amber jewelry has antiseptic effect. That’s why it is recommended to keep it nearby the sick child. The closer to the body is an amber bracelet or other amber article, the stronger it’s positive effect. Scientific research has proved that this natural mineral can help alleviate or even overcome children bronchitis, allergic asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as decrease fever.

The Baltic amber jewelry is valued as a natural mean to diminish child’s belly spasms, normalize disordered digestion system. Specialists claim that an amber bracelet or any other amber article helps to hush your child. In addition to this, such a mean surely strengthens child’s immune system.

Although the highest utility amber jewelry can provide is related to emerging child’s teeth. You probably know, how much anxiety, pain, and other unpleasant feelings developing teeth can bring to a child. Often it becomes the reason of child’s sleeples nights. Here, an amber teething necklace is intended to counteract such troubles. Ir is a special jewelry which, besides releaving pain and calming a child, helps his teeth to grow stronger. The Baltic amber teething necklaces are nice, colourful, strong, and comfortable. And when your child will grow up, you can use it as an ordinary jewelry. Thus, the amber teething remedy is a really practical thing, since it can function both as an original jewelry and as a mild remedy as well.

How to choose a suitable amber article?

Amber necklaces and other articles is a trully irreplaceable natural mean protecting and strengthening your child’s health. However, you should carefully select an appropriate article – only then amber will be really effective.

Any amber teething remedy contains amber acid that affects growing teeth positively. It shows its real power only when warms up to body temperature, so it is recommended to opt for amber articles to be worn as close to the body as possible. An amber teething necklace is especially suitable for the children, who have emerging teeth. At the temperatures close to the body temperature, amber acid slowly extinguishes inflamatory reactions, pain, and stress. There is no addiction to this natural remedy, it does not accumulate in tissue, thus is absolutely safe. You should know that only natural amber is really effective, but the Baltic amber is the most effective. Thus, you should make sure of the quality of the article you choose. You can order original amber articles on the AmberXXL e-shop at special prices. Entirely natural Baltic amber teething necklaces for children having emerging teeth and other amber articles are sold from here to various countries of the world.

You can choose an amber article which best suits to you by its form or style. On the AmberXXL you will find necklaces made of amber beads of various colour, form and size, as well as bracelets, earrings, rosaries, and lavalieres. Amber teething necklaces suitable for children with growing teeth may be of various lengths and be made of few twisted threads. Amber articles can be made of processed or unprocessed (natural form) amber pieces. Beads may be yellow, brown, honey-coloured, white, or black, or be of any tinge of those colours. Thus you can easily find a nice article, which is also beneficial for your child’s health.

Natural Baltic amber jewelry can really be a perfect gift protecting and decorating your newborn baby or your grown up child. It can be presented on any occasion: birthday, christening, first step made or first word uttered. They are genuine art articles intended to ensure that your baby’s childhood is as pleasant as possible. Amber jewelry combines thousands of years of mineral’s mysterious growth, medical knowledge, and modern processing technology. … And easily wins a battle with any infant horrors.

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