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Protection by amber known for thousands of years

The Baltic amber stone has been valued since antiquity. To some, it reminds lucid and mild sun arrows, to others – refreshing powerful sea reaching distant shores. Although, amber is mostly desired because of it’s unique features. Fossilised pine resin drops that had been lying at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years are the source of pure power presented by nature. It positively influences our physical and spiritual wellbeing. That’s why amber jewelry is one of the oldest talismans.

Since the ancient times...

The Baltic sea was beneficent for our ancestors settled on its shores not only for their subsistence or as a sea route. Natural raw amber cast by its waves to a sandy coast had attracted the eye of curious people. After years, they had discovered that this fossilised pine resin is not only beautiful, but contains healing and protective power as well. This was known not only to the Balts – talks about the exceptional power of amber had been largely spread in the ancient Greece, too.

No wonder, the Baltic Sea amber followed people from birth to death in different epochs. The ancient gravesites are a suitable example: not only remnants of our forefathers are found there, but also their personal belongings that include various amber articles. Thus, protection extending to afterlife of their possessors is one of amber features. It was believed that a piece of such fossilised resin could help a departed avoid evil spirits underway and successfully reach the afterworld. Specifically black amber was often used for this.

Life goes in a cyclic way: birth alternates death. So, a newborn child also needs protection. Our forefathers believed that an amber necklace is a nice talisman that protects a kid from evil beings, bad fortune, evil eye, cursing, and poor health. By the way, amber presented in one’s childhood was providing spiritual strength during the whole lifespan. Pieces of such stiffened resin were even used for religious rituals for fostering one’s concentration, dissociation from casual unimportant thoughts.

Such a talisman was valued during the Middle Ages as well. A natural amber pendant or necklace, or medallion sanctified by a priest was believed to govern the outcome of a battle. Thus, amber is not just a woman’s decoration.  Formerly, men used to wear amber bracelets not less than women. Although, not only sole pieces of amber were used in order to get that special strength provided by the Baltic fossilised resin.

There are a lot of stories even about the whole amber rooms. Just some examples of them are remaining, whereas a few centuries ago such rooms delighted aristocrats of various countries. It is not difficult to imagine: if even a small talisman could bring unbelievable success and happiness, so how a large amber room was able to bring a surround of natural positive power! Thus, not only amber jewelry was produced, but also such items as combs, dishes, etc.

... till now

Use of amber necklaces and other articles is counting many thousands of years. In a course of time, this gift of nature was respected more and more. Such a talisman is popular even today, in the age of technology. No wonder, since current time is full of anxiety, stress, tiredness, rush, and disharmony, so people are turning back to nature and traditions – that’s why the Baltic amber stone is likely reborn.

Various amber articles are produced today. They are used as ornaments, but they activate one’s internal powers and even heal. So, what is this wonderful energy we lack today and which is so easily provided by a natural talisman found on a seashore? Even a modest amber pendant used consistently can effect impressively. For example, it can be an ideal spiritual helper, when you feel overloaded by negative emotions or anxiety, or cannot calm down. Amber is influencing progressively and imperceptibly, thus you will gradually feel how heavy thoughts are leaving you and everything returns to its own normal balance.

A natural amber bracelet or any other amber article can help one to concentrate and regain internal tranquility, which is related to the structure of the whole world. Subsequently, such a talisman helps one to experience natural laws and powers, become a balanced part of them. Even the smallest piece of amber is able to clear up any unwanted thoughts, stop unnatural and destructive influence. It balances rapid reactions and helps to understand wholeness, where all classifications and opinions are just artificial activities of human brain.

Natural raw amber is irreplaceable, when one lacks completeness, wisdom or willpower. It brings peace of mind and revives creativeness. Besides this, it is believed since ancient times that pieces of amber bring longevity and good fortune, peacefulness in a family, and wellbeing. It is an ideal talisman for those valuing naturalness, traditions, harmony, freedom, and consciousness. Amber especially suites for artists – painters, writers, artistic directors, etc., as well as historians, environmentalists, farmers, mariners, and ethnologists. Actually, an amber necklace or any other amber article will suit anybody, who is in need of internal protection, self confidence, as well as those, who value past, traditions, and spiritual needs.

Although, only natural amber – the Baltic amber at the best – can emanate its good influence, that’s why it is important to choose a reliable seller. AmberXXL e-shop sells various amber articles. If you are looking for a talisman you have been dreaming for, here you will find lots of nice original articles to choose from. Amber jewelry, as well as unprocessed raw amber will bring to you, your relatives or business partners strength absorbed from the sun during ages. Besides, such a valuable nature’s gift will be a sound investment. It is easy to take care of your own protection or protection of your relatives, whereas the result is invaluable: energy accumulated for thousands of years attracting completeness and happiness you have been waiting for!

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