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Amber: masterpiece over kitsch


Natural amber we get from the Baltic Sea is a natural gift not everyone is capable to appreciate. Since the ancient times, people admired the warmth emanated by amber stones. Unfortunately, magic value of this unique fossil pine resin formation preserved by sea for thousands of years seems to be lost today. Despite the fact that natural raw amber has not disappeared all over, the market is overloaded with kitsch interpretations or even plastic surrogates. Is the situation really that bad?


Attention: kitsch!

Today, there is no lack of amber on the market. In the bigger cities, there are lots of shops selling amber figurines and various amber articles. Nevertheless, only quite a few of them are authentic – not just pieces of plastic resembling amber or, at the best, unoriginal amber vanilla mass products, i.e. kitsch. One can see about the same at vacation spots, where counters are laden with hundreds of similar products: pictures made of small amber stones, key pendants, figurines, and trinkets. Their value is usually implied by their low price. Such kitsch goes to foreign countries ruining image of renowned beauty and forsaking the benefits of natural raw amber. Fortunately, the original amber articles appearing as a genuine artwork, such as unique amber figurines,still offset such kitsch.


In search of true art

Despite that lot of kitsch on the amber market, more attentive buyers discern the original products from fake ones. They are not that many, but for true amber masters they are really important cause  to continue their work. Such artists have years of experience and know well why so special are the amber stones. For them, natural raw amber is nearly as good as gold. In their hands, unimpressive stones transform into a genuine artwork, such as unique amber figurines, which later on decorate homes of those who value art, uniqueness and naturalness. Often such masterpieces are created on order or are demonstrated at international fairs.

The Baltic Sea amber is used to produce other type of articles, such as amber necklaces especially valued by women. Usually they are combined with some precious metal or brass. Neatly formed amber pendants also attract attention of others. And this is a way to get the energy, strength, health, and self-confidence straight from the nature. In addition to this, an amber necklace or other amber jewelry provides a way to ornament oneself with a unique natural stone. Thus, it is a nice mean for self-expression.

Amber processing isn’t really complicated, but only true masters are able to create original and delicate articles. Amazing amber inclusions – fragments of plants, small insects or cowries – endow them with uniqueness. Amber touched by such master turns into a masterpiece that gets even more valued when time goes – that’s why at home of an art lover you may find amber articles passed on from generation to generation. Besides, processed amber stones decorate even fashion models appearing on podiums around the world. Thus, this gift of nature attracts everyone who values true art.


For those who dream of solar drops

Amber is like a particle of sun delivered to our hands, since both are bound by the same warm light and calming yellow colour and both bestow harmony sensation. It seems that amber inclusions provide a link between earth and sky, beings existing on earth and sunshine in the sky. And no fake amber kitsch can surpass true amber masterpieces endowed with real value, beauty, and quality.

There are only a few places like the AmberXXL e-shop distributing the beauty of the Baltic amber, where you can obtain genuine art treasures. Here you will find true amber jewelry, such as amber necklaces, amber bracelets and amber pendants suiting both to classic and bohemian style. Also, here you can findsomespecial articles, such as those containing amber inclusions which will decorate your home and infuse it with exclusiveness and cosiness.

Due to its unique beauty and features, amber products are ever so well suitable as a gift to your relatives, friends, or business partners. Especially, if you look for something that represents Lithuania. Amber stones and amber articles will delight both juniors and seniors. Besides, you will take care not only of splendour of people dear to you, but their physical health and cheerful mind as well. Such tangible benefit of amber is the cause this wonder of nature is valued for thousands of years. Kitsch attracts casual buyers, but those who genuinely understand the power of harmony comprised by art and nature choose the valuables offered by the AmberXXL. This cannot be substituted by any technology nor diminished by time.

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