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Ambar colgante PA20

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Quick Overview

Natural Baltic amber pendant, drop shape and very beautiful.

Más detalles

Natural Baltic amber pendant, drop shape and very beautiful.


1,7 cm X 3,2 cm

0.669 inch X 1,25 inch

3,5 grams; 0,12 oz


Silver 925

  • Cult of amber

    Amber is processed for more than ten thousand years. In Lithuania, the oldest Baltic amber jewelry counts for five thousand years. As time is passing, methods of amber processing and value of that mineral are changing...

  • Amber: nature’s strength in your hands

    Amber found at the seashore of the Baltic sea is one of most valuable. It is a mineral formed during thousands of years out of fossil pine resin. Various jewelry is made out of it: amber rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings...

  • Amber jewelry for those who value naturalness

    Baltic amber is a mineral of a special kind. Now it makes over 80 % of all amber found in the world. It was admired already in the age of antiquity. Today, value of amber is still high...