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    Amber jewelry is the perfect solution when you want to buy something for the aging, valuable. A sensible investment - amber jewelry set that will suit your beloved, mother, sister ... It can be worn all the time, and later transferred to the children, grandchildren. Amber jewelry set is made up of several interconnected matching items. The kits may comprise such products as amber necklaces, to adapt their amber earrings, amber bracelet. The kit may include amber brooches, amber rings. Instead Necklaces collections can be amber pendants.

  • wholesale Amber necklace

    Amber wholesale and decorated with a wide range of business gifts: key holders, business card holders, envelope knives, lighters, pipes, spoons, ashtray, and so on. t. Produced even Amber chess. Various amber decorated items suitable to donate not only business partners, but also relatives: mother or sweetheart cheer amber decorated with mirrors, husband or dad like amber studs. Amber decorated with a clock or lamp will be a great home interior detail

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    Amber necklaces and bracelets can be a great gift for the older children. The girls, in order to be similar to the mothers, want to dress up. In this case the best for children amber jewelry. They are not only natural, beautiful to look at, but also useful for children's health. Therefore, if a child wants to finery best for him to donate children's necklace or a bracelet made of natural Baltic amber.

  • Amber loose beads

    Baltic amber - this is one of the most beautiful natural treasures. Began to take shape before the approximately 50 million years ago, the Baltic amber is ground changes witness. It trapped insects and plant residues (amber inclusions) speaks of a pre life on earth. Just imagine that a small small bug, mired branches, is millions of years old!

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