Baltic amber jewelry

Baltic amber jewelry

Amber jewelry and other articles can be given as gifts for any occasion, eg., The graduates, wishing to successfully pass the exams, the newlyweds to succeed marital life, improving maternal health, to prevent disease and her baby. Amber pictures and souvenirs decorate the house. Natural amber pink will find peace of mind. Amber is an integral part of Lithuanian, so, of course, perfect emigrated Lithuanians who want to remember their homeland or for tourists looking for original fairings. Baltic amber - a gift for those who appreciate the natural beauty and uniqueness.

Baltic amber jewelry


  • Amber bracelet

    AmberXXL Company also offers amber bracelet, which matches well necklaces or can be worn separately. Classic Baltic amber bracelet can be made of very small, of elegant, or of large attractive threaded amber beads. By the way, such jewelry is willingly chosen not only by woman, but by men as well. More massive products are offered to them. For a man who values style, dark traditional Baltic amber bracelets suit best.

  • Amber necklace

    Even classic Baltic amber necklaces vary in their form. Such products suit well both for gala and everyday dress. Depending on the occasion and individual style of a woman, regular round Baltic amber necklace or Baltic amber chip necklaces may be chosen. Such jewelry can elegantly nestle against the neck or can freely swing following the movements of a woman. Traditional Baltic amber necklaces can consist of large or small beads threaded on a special workpiece or on a light string. Minerals can be threaded separately, or in pairs, triplets, etc., or affixed to other natural materials, such as leather or wood.

  • Amber pendants

    This category has the most valuable Baltic amber jewellery pendants, massive pendants, heart pendants, pendants with perfectly clean amber, etc. All pendants in this catagory are handcrafted.We sell Baltic amber pendants jewelry in All Country

  • Amber earrings

    AmberXXL store you can find the most diverse sizes Multicolored Baltic Amber Earrings, gemstone earrings, solid earrings, amber stud earrings, handmade, jewelry, silver, honey, dark, green amber earrings shop and more.

  • Amber rosary

    We offer a great selection of Islamic amber rosary made from pure natural Baltic amber. Islamic amber prayer beads are also known as: amber masbaha, Mesbah or Mesbaha, or Subha (Islamic Prayer Strands).Baltic amber rosaries jewellery are popular in Arabic countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jibuti, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, U.A.E. (UAE or United Arab Emirates), also prayer beads (komboloi) are popular in Turkey and Greece.

  • Amber teething necklace

    Natural amber teething necklace may also be given as gifts on the occasion of the christening. Amber necklace or bracelet from natural amber will be durable and practical godfathers gift. In addition, amber jewelry is very symbolic. On the one hand, amber gift gesture of the very best, it is a symbol of good will.

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