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    Amber has a variety of colors, can be made with and without inclusions, transparent and opaque, so it not only leads to a wide range of articles, but use cash. For example, the perfect gift is a unique amber nuggets - nature's own creations. A small amber nugget can carry with you as a talisman. The distinctive amber pieces are used as interior design, combined with other stones, sculptures made of amber glass and wood. Amber is easy to process, so special tools it can hollow out a variety of shapes, creating a unique thumbnails. Amber stones perfect instead of the usual, your lover gift. They can donate business partners - it will be a memorable gift.

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    Amber jewelry and other articles can be given as gifts for any occasion, eg., The graduates, wishing to successfully pass the exams, the newlyweds to succeed marital life, improving maternal health, to prevent disease and her baby. Amber pictures and souvenirs decorate the house. Natural amber pink will find peace of mind. Amber is an integral part of Lithuanian, so, of course, perfect emigrated Lithuanians who want to remember their homeland or for tourists looking for original fairings. Baltic amber - a gift for those who appreciate the natural beauty and uniqueness.

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